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I always say that if you surround yourself with good vibes, good people and expect nothing in return the payback you receive will be endless. That is exactly how I became friends with Peter Inga of Brooklyn and have been proud to say we have been friends now for over 5 years. 

I first met Peter when he would show up with his buddy Alex to some of my shoots for Steve Iacona, of Iacona Customs.  Alex at the time was working with Steve on his website and Peter would quietly hang around taking in everything that would be going on.  It was always great to have them all at the shoots which were a ton of fun, from there is where I began to find out more about Peter and his hidden crafts.

Being a mechanic most of his life, Peter has worked on everything from bicycles, to planes, and of course motorcycles, but his start was with cars. 

With the Brooklyn the motorcycle scene out of control with no end in sight Peter who already has a few bikes in his stable wanted something special, something crafted form his hands to call his own. 

Being what we call in the industry a “hang around”, Peter would spend as many hours as possible at Steve’s shop.  There Steve would share his tricks of the trade and do what all great craftsmen do, he passed it up and Peter was the lucky one to be the Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

It was from spending all that time in shop that Peter was able to purchase a 1980 Shovelhead that was slated to be a project bike at some point that was sitting in the shop.  

Together in the shop the bike was chopped and the rebuild began.  After a total dismantling the bike was taken to Peter’s basement where more of the work would be done over time. 

Like all things, life gets busy living in NYC! This build took a span of 2 years with a final assembly of 2 weeks.  During that two-year span however, things were done right.  The engine for instance was rebuilt by “Doug” of Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn.  With a displacement 89” 4 5/8 S&S stroker, Wiseco pistons, and an Andrews B2 cam, this is the reason why this ride has torn up the streets of Brooklyn at a buck 120!   Very impressive I would say for a Shovel and go figure all with a ratchet top 4 speed (Andrews gears) and reverse shift, 1 up and 3 down!  The killer springer forks complement of Paughco completes a very cool front end.

Now when it comes to fabrication look at the hand-crafted exhaust! A perfect addition that adds that NYC grit.  And finally, to pull it all together is the killer paint job done by SUPRLIFE!  Known for their custom work on high end cars this was truly their first attempt on a custom bike, and they nailed it!  Peter gave them free reign, a blank canvas based on trust and a 10 year plus friendship, and they didn’t disappoint!  

At the end of the day what you see before you is a New York bike built by a New York, or should I say Brooklyn rider.  According to Peter, this is his fun bike.  It has passed the test, the proving grounds which are the city streets of NYC and beyond.  Never a dull moment on this ride as it makes its own adventures.  This build encompasses the essence of not only Peter but the place he calls home.  With its hardcore exterior comes a softness only seen through the rose inlays that sit inside this paint which is why the bike goes by the name Rosita.


Considering the fact that Peter is such a metalhead, somehow, he managed to bring the need for speed as well as the beauty and the beast all under two sets of rubber.  Well-done and totally the Brooklyn way of how things get done.  Enjoy the ride Peter and every once and a while enjoy the speed limit…. ha!

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Tech Sheet

Bike Name: Rosita
Owner: Peter Inga
City/State: Brooklyn N.Y.
Fab. By: Peter Inga
Year: 1980
Model: fxb
Value: Priceless
Time: 2 years

Year: 1980
Model: Harley shovelhead
Builder: Doug from Brooklyn
Ignition: Dyna electronic ignition
Displacement: 89” 4 ⅝ S&S stroker
Pistons: Wiseco
Heads: Ported Harley-davidson heads
Carb: S&S Super E
Cam: Andrews B2 cam
Air Cleaner: S&S
Exhaust: Custom
Primary: BDL 3” Belt drive

Make: Ratchet top 4spd Andrews gears
Shifting: Reverse shift. 1up 3Down

Year: 1980
Make: Harley-Davidson
Rake: Stock
Stretch: Speed king racing Drop seat conversion.

Type: Springer
Builder: Paughco
Extension: 1” under
Triple Trees: JH choppers top riser adapter

Wheels, Tires, Brakes
Front Wheel: Henry Abe
Size: 19”
Front Tire: Pirelli Route
Front Brake: Wilwood
Rear Wheel: Henry Abe
Size: 16”
Rear Tire: Pirelli Route
Rear Brake: Wilwood

Color: Gray, Red, Purple
Type: Solvents Urethane
Graphics: Custom hand stripping, Lacing and fading.

Bars: Zombie Performance Titty bars
Hand: PM controls
Fuel Tanks: Modified Low Brow
Front Fender: None
Rear Fender: Modified Low Brow
Seat: Custom
Foot Controls: Boosted Brads mid controls
Oil Tank: Speed King racing.
Headlight: Emgo Aris style triangle
Taillight: Cycle Standard
Speedo: No