Lee’s Long Cool Woman

Story: Lee Lopez Images: Mark V Not all features are created equal.  Each like a fingerprint can tell a story from many different angles.  In the end they all lead back to the reasons we read and the reason we admire the images at hand.  This feature tells the tale of a series of unfortunate […]

Mashugana.. A Son’s Tale

Story: Vinny Dinome Images: Mark V Passing the torch, a one-time American tradition.  Like Jazz, the white picket fence, and baseball, this was the American dream.  To hear a tale from a son inspired by his father still gives me hope in this great country.  As long as we have these stories there will always […]


Story & Images: Mark V I always say that if you surround yourself with good vibes, good people and expect nothing in return the payback you receive will be endless. That is exactly how I became friends with Peter Inga of Brooklyn and have been proud to say we have been friends now for over […]

The Nagoya Twist- Junichi Shimodaira’s Triumph Speed Twin- “Psicodelico”

Story: Michael McCabe  Every aspect of building a motorcycle has gone global─ Junichi Shimodaira straddles two worlds at his Paradise Road kustom car and motorcycle shop in Seto, Aichi, Japan (Nagoya region). One foot sits in his area’s impressive kustom scene, the other in SoCal Cholo low-rider building culture. The mid-sized port city of Nagoya […]

A Different Kind Of Bully

Story: Mac Crudup Images: Mark V They say it all about timing and being in the right place at the right time.  On this August summer weekend, I went back to my Brooklyn roots to support my brother better know as Meatloaf.  Doing what he does best he reminded me of the many schoolyard parties […]

Road Grub Throwdown: Motorcycling Meets the Munchies

Story & Images: Mark Masker Several years back while I was freelancing for Hot Bike and breaking into food writing, I was lucky enough to be a judge at the World Food Championships in Las Vegas. I was even luckier to find myself killing time between rounds by talking to Ray “Dr BBQ” Lampe at […]


Story & Images: Mark V “Chaos is a friend of mine.” This story is about a friend.  At one time in my life, I would have taken that word friend very much for granted.  But in a world that has turned so toxic, the word to me has taken on a whole new meaning.  Time […]