Welcome to the world of Rubber Culture!

As a freelance photographer, I have been lucky enough to shoot for some of the best motorcycle magazines in the world. Now, I feel that it is time to pass it up; to give others a chance not only visually, but with the pen (or should I say keyboard) to have a place where they can express themselves and talk about the culture they love to live. 

With Rubber Culture I hope to bring a different angle on the things we love. Be it motorcycles, rat-rods, vans, even skateboards, and of course art… Let’s talk and share our thoughts and views! 

Have patience as together we figure it out as we go along. If you like, be part of the movement and always feel free to reach out. Bloggers and guest bloggers are always welcome – and who doesn’t love a good story right from the source! Use the site to express and self-promote yourself as you share a little about you and what you love, or even don’t. 

In a world with such challenging times, I hope to make this a place for even the bald (that’s me) to let their hair down! So have a look around, enjoy the view, be part of the journey, and don’t wait for second chances. 

I welcome you to the world of Rubber Culture… Enjoy the culture you love to live!!

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