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Riding and the Flight of Time

Riding and the Flight of Time

As the fall season has entered in many places the seasons are changing.  We will soon be think thinking of Thanksgiving gatherings and the holiday season of Christmas followed by the welcoming on a new year 2023!

 For most we blanket our rides and wait yet again for that warm weather to allows us to open the stables once again for another season.  Getting out on two wheels. attending or favorite events, and maybe seeing those we only come across when on two wheels is always something to look forward to.  But for some, there are the lucky ones who enjoy fair weather year-round, and the season never truly ends. Yes, I am totally jealous!

As we reflect on the past riding season, I hope we all take a moment to realize how great it was to actually live back in the norm, or as close to it as possible.  Before you know it most of us will be back in the saddle again.  Until then, stay safe and always remain hopeful.

Enjoy -RC

Welcome To Rubber Culture!

We are finally here !

So we made it!  Welcome to the world of Rubber Culture!  This has been something that has sat in my head for the few years.  George over at Chaos Cycle (see George, no “s” at the end) has always pushed me to do something like this, so I think time timing couldn’t be any better. 

I welcome you to what I hope is an open source, drama free escape from the world outside.  This weekend being it’s our launch, every one hundredth person that subscribes to the site will get a personal gift sent to them.  So go for it, put me in even more debt with this project. Make use of the contact forms on the site.  I would love stories from all over the world, bloggers, feature bikes and cars, and both good and bad input so we can make it right.  My vision cannot be the only vision here, I think for a first issue our reach went both inside and outside the US.  Not too bad!

Special thanks to @shovelhead98austin!  You put me in touch with the great Mike McCabe, I don’t think I could have put this first issue out without him, and in the process made a great new friend.

Paul Cox!!  Making the time for me was the greatest gift, thank you ! 

The goal of this site is to mix the known with the underdogs, which I have a deep respect and love for.  For the record, being an underdog just means at least on this site were going to let people know who you are and what you do, and to be honest I may be the biggest underdog of them all.

So be a part of this!  I welcome builders of both cars and bikes, artist, writers, and anything else you can think to join my circus of fun. 

We are making this up as we go along, so be kind.  Oh, by the way we love money so help us keep the lights on and visit the shop which will grow in time, and we hope to brings the goods of others on board as well down the road.  

So subscribe to the site!  Know when new blogs go up, new issues are released, flash raffles take place and any other nonsense we feel we need to share.  Now take a look around and enjoy the view.

Mark V