Words: Brian Strydom

Images: Mark V

“What Is it?”, is always the first question. “Did you do all this?”, is the second. I’m proud to say it’s the result of 3 years of research, trial, and lots error. Using a tackle box of tools and a neighbor’s tiny woodshop this 2017 FZ07 transformed into some kind of Japanese Cafe Torque Monster!

Starting its life as a stock light blue FZ07 a plan was made to research various types of motorcycles to find the right combination of sultry aggression. I was ultimately influenced the most by Cafe Racers. I worked out a design that complemented the tubular frame, angular tank, and compact engine.

Given that my only motorcycle experience was on a super sport bike, it was natural that the first modification had to be clip-ons and rearsets. I didn’t realize that one idea would set the tone for the rest of the entire build. 

The build was designed in 4 categories, Sport, Cafe, Control, and Tuning.

Sport meant feeling stable and responsive in a curve and do a turn QUICKLY! 520 conversion with 2 up in the back, cut shock spacers, raised rearlink, Nitron shock, and R6 throttle manages that.

Cafe refers to blending cues from the British originals into this Japanese torque monster. Snub X headlight, intigrated lighting all around,  custom seats (based on Kedo), carved minimal bodywork, paint that pops with grey blue in the day and falls dark at night, and Alpina tubeless spoke rims wrapped in agressive Avon Trail Riders.

Control focuses on ease of use and unified look. A mix of stunt and race levers, woodcraft rearsets, custom speedometer brackets made from unused GPR Damper brackets, and keyless conversion. 

Tuning had to maintain low maintenance with no loss in attitude! Ripped out all elements of the stock intake and added a perfectly manufactured IXIL Exhaust with a FTecu Active Tune System.

So, what is it? It’s me, personofied in parts, bolts, and loc tight! Enjoy the sultry aggression!

Brian and his Torque Monster were found by chance through the graces of social media!  Like Brain and many other stories we hope to share find the good in life and share the culture.  And if you’re in Brooklyn, and if you happen to see Brian and his ride do say hello, this happy spirt loves the culture and you will totally be entertained with his enthusiasm for the motorcycle world. – RC



2 Responses

  1. Typos “ foud” on last page
    Earlier in description ton might be turn, as in turn quickly.
    Great bike and write up.

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