Riding and the Flight of Time

Riding and the Flight of Time

As the fall season has entered in many places the seasons are changing.  We will soon be think thinking of Thanksgiving gatherings and the holiday season of Christmas followed by the welcoming on a new year 2023!

 For most we blanket our rides and wait yet again for that warm weather to allows us to open the stables once again for another season.  Getting out on two wheels. attending or favorite events, and maybe seeing those we only come across when on two wheels is always something to look forward to.  But for some, there are the lucky ones who enjoy fair weather year-round, and the season never truly ends. Yes, I am totally jealous!

As we reflect on the past riding season, I hope we all take a moment to realize how great it was to actually live back in the norm, or as close to it as possible.  Before you know it most of us will be back in the saddle again.  Until then, stay safe and always remain hopeful.

Enjoy -RC


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