Welcome To Kulture Fest!

Ever have one of those visions, you know the ones you talk to your friends about for years and years?  Kinda like how your gonna save the world, or something they just know you will never get done?

Well first I would like to say thank you to the select few who have engaged in my rambles and visions like only good friends would do, I’m sure the torture at times was unbearable.  After at least two plus years in my head, I actually feel my vision will hit the pavement this summer!  The reason why I use the word “feel” is that I am one of those people who believe it’s not real till that fat lady sings, as they say.  But with that said, I welcome you to KULTURE FEST!

What is Kulture Fest you may ask?  To me it is several events rolled into one, or maybe two.  On Aug 20th this summer at Culture Lab LIC, which is a beyond cool not for profit art gallery located in Long Island City, New York we will have what I am calling the ultimate Chill Fest!  NYC being the melting pot of American, I have always felt how cool would it be to bring the 3 worlds I love the most under one not so crazy event and have a one-of-a-kind special day. And for those of you who do not know these worlds, they are motorcycles, art, and music.

So let me try and break it down.  First the main theme is motorcycles, motorcycles, and motorcycles.  This is the main vibe of the entire day.  Bikers, riders, or whatever you wish to call them come from all sectors of life.  They are the rich, the poor, the black, the white.  The bagger, the chopper, the sport bike, and now even the electric!  Regardless of who you are or what you ride you are welcomed!  And if you don’t ride even more of a reason to just check out the vibe on a nice summer day one block off the east river. 

three very cool competitions !!

baggers represent !!

The fist will take place sometime early afternoon, this will be the Bagger Showdown!  Two classes with only 15 spots in each class.  There will be a $1000 prize for each class (there is a registration fee for this competition).  The two class titles will be Best in Sound & Best in Show!  Now I have heard a lot of talk from this neck of the woods and the best I can say is that talk is cheap!  Can’t be number one unless you beat number one is what I have been told!  So, if you think you have what it takes, I say step into the snake pit!  And just for the record judges will have no attachment to anyone in the competition and will be announced as the date gets closer.

the invited!

I am hand picking some of the best builders I know personally who have only mad respect from their peers.  This competition will be also judged by three selected judges to keep it clean and fun.  Prize… $4k and I don’t mean a TV!  As the weeks go by, these builders will get an invite in the mail which they will have to accept and post on Instagram!  They are not being asked to build something new, just bring your best! So far, I think invites will go as far as Maine, Michigan, the Boston area, and of course New York will be well represented.  Should be interesting.

the open!

Now the final competition will be what we will call: THE OPEN!  Best chopper, best modified, best FXR, and best in show!  This class will be judged by the invited builders. Prizes have yet to be determined so stay tuned.  Also let it be known all the competitions will have trophies.

 It’s the heart of the summer in NYC! Bring down your ride and just spend a very relaxing day among your peers and leave all the drama behind just for one day. 

Now we do have to keep you entertained beyond the bikes so stayed tuned as we drop other things that will be going on.  Of course, there will be great music and I have even heard that Screaming Rebel Angles will be taking the stage as one of our live bands!  We hope to pack the place with vendors galore!  If interested, please be sure to hit us up for a spot.  And to top it all off we hope to be raffling of some very cool stuff!  The best part about this is that all money raised from the raffles will be given back to gallery just because it’s the right thing to do!

Bikes, music, food, vendors, and raffles… sounds like a regular carnival to me!  And I am sure the gallery will be open to for viewing which will lead me into part two!  On Sept 3rd we will have an opening night of a 25-day motor art exhibit with bikes not only from a few legends but a timeline that should take us from the early 1900’s to modern day.  Accompanying this timeline will be the works of some special friends that will grace the walls and more. But we will get back to that story in the next release.

On a closing note, none of this would be possible if it was not for Culture Labs LIC and our Super Sponsors: Liberty Safe NYC & Dell&Dean Attorneys at Law, and Animal Rescue CBD!  They will all be present so be sure to show your support even if it’s just a tank you!

The site will soon have a new page with all the needed information on how you can get involved!  Until then stayed tuned and choose kind cause we all know we can kick ass!



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