From Japan with Love-KID Custom Factory’s FXDR

Images & Words:  Kazuo Matsumoto / Steeldog Photo

Builder: Shintaro Kido of KID Custom Factory

Owner: Taiga Moroe

Paint: Makoto Suenaga of FFF

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When Harley-Davidson launched the FXDR in 2019, everyone was amazed at its unique looks. In particular, the large rear tires and rear fender design, such as the drag machine, were brand new, unlike any previous models.

The machine owner, Taiga, was convinced that “When I saw this model for the first time, this bike will surely look cool if customized!”

Taiga bought an FXDR and wanted to make it look like no one else, so he asked KID Custom Factory to customize it. KID is a custom shop in Fukuoka prefecture, west of Japan. It is a custom motorcycle shop run by builder Shintaro Kido, known for his creative metalwork.

Shintaro said, “I wanted to make a slender and sporty machine while retaining the great points of FXDR.”

He used the characteristic headlights, gas tank, and wheels of the FXDR, keeping them stock. As for the rear and front fender, chin spoiler, muffler, and handlebars, all made from steel and all fabricated by Shintaro.

As you view the rear fender, you will see the one of a kind craftmanship that Shintaro is known for.  It is this hard work and dedication that cannot be replicated!  You can see that he strived for beautiful lines that balance with the fat gas tank. It is also unique that the LED turn signals and stop lamps are embedded in the fenders. 

To truly make this ride special only to Taiga, his son Simba’s baby footprint is forever embedded on the rear fender.  Life truly is good!


Usually when I make a slender machine Shintaro would change the gas tank to a slender one. But this time, he wanted to use a stock tank, so it was challenging to make a balance the whole machine.”

Shintaro remade the handlebars to a lower position to be an aggressive riding position. The stock exhaust was redesigned to give the bike a more edgy design using the metal processing technology that Shintaro is good at. Of course, because it is flash tuned, it is a machine that can enjoy agile riding.

Not to be overlooked, pay attention to the paint on this machine. The painter Makoto, of “FFF” is the only one trusted by Shintaro for such a job. The silver part on the top of the tank side and the rear fender is not painted, but the bare metal has been coated with clear paint. In addition, high painting technology has been used throughout this ride.  Applying carbon and using 3D paint (“SIMBA” is drawn with gold 3D paint on the tank).  This of course is Taiga’s son’s name and now the name of this machine.

They say the devils in the details so enjoy the view! 

The owner Taiga loves this machine very much.

“I have seen a lot of custom FXDRs on the web, and I still think my machine is the Best!” – Taiga

cast of characters

Kazuo Matsumoto Steeldog Photo

Shintaro Kido of KID Custom Factory

Painter Makoto Suenaga of FFF


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