The Wolfe’s Ponder

in the beginning The story begins about 100 yards or so from the entrance to Wolfe’s Pond Park in Staten Island, New York where Frank Voto has his shop that all the locals around here call Wolfe’s Pond Harley. Frank has been building bikes here for quite some time and is a very talented mechanic/machinist/fabricator […]

The Yeti’s Taint !

Words: Big Truth Images: Stephen Canino  Model: Meagan Elizabeth A little about the Crew known as Choppahead. I’ll be kind and just say if you live in the Northeast in this place called America, and ride on two wheels and don’t know the name, then I guess you really don’t ride now do ya? I’m […]

Shige Suganuma- 1970s Kalifornia Dreamin’ and MOONEYES

Story: Mike McCabe Images: Shige Suganuma California culture has always been associated with the impulse to move. The possibility to move faster got complicated during the 1960s around cars and motorcycles in youth dominated Golden State moto culture and permanently changed the world. Key creative personalities Dean Moon, Kenneth Howard (Von Dutch), the Barris brothers, […]

From Japan with Love-KID Custom Factory’s FXDR

Images & Words:  Kazuo Matsumoto / Steeldog Photo Builder: Shintaro Kido of KID Custom Factory Owner: Taiga Moroe Paint: Makoto Suenaga of FFF The true beauty of this site sits right before your eyes.  No longer are we limited to the demographics of print. Stories from our own backyards need no longer be the norm. […]

Who’s That Girl – Taylor Joy!

Taylor Joy .. Showing the world that chasing dreams will always lead to a better life. Taylor Joy was born and raised on Long Island, New York.  We are going to call this pretty young lady, “The Give Back Angle”.  With a heart as big as her smile caring for others seems to be her […]

Dean Chooch and his Magic of Making Time Stand Still.

Words & Images by Dean Chooch I’m Dean Chooch Landry and I make photos with old cameras.. Photo: Danny Desoucey My Childhood was spent with my Dad and his friends in small, dim garages around race cars, motorcycles and the stories they told.  People who designed and built these beautiful machines with their own hands, creative […]

Welcome To Kulture Fest!

Ever have one of those visions, you know the ones you talk to your friends about for years and years?  Kinda like how your gonna save the world, or something they just know you will never get done? Well first I would like to say thank you to the select few who have engaged in […]

A Hardtail in the Bronx

Words & Images: Mark V Almost 15 years later, and now a good 5 builds out of a garage located in in the Bronx, my friendship with Tony D has been long and standing. I first met Tony on a Cycle Source magazine shoot which was the first feature we had ever worked on together.  […]