A Very Dangerous Sporty

Story: Mark V & Dell L Battle

Images: Mark V

For those who may not know, the Harley-Davidson Sportster has been produced continuously since 1957.  I feel it has always been their anchor ride.  Easy to chop and make your own no matter your tax bracket or skill set.  This bike has been the workhorse of the industry, and when the smoke clears the Sporter is always still standing.  There are so many custom builders who have made a name in the game with this ride, some known more than others.  For now, let’s take a look at one of the creations of Dell L Battle, builder and owner of Dangerousdezigns.  Enjoy the view and keep the Sportster culture alive!

The ’02 Flat Style Sporty Bobber

Dell L Battle is the builder and owner of Dangerousdezigns.  Dell has been in the game building one off custom motorcycles for the past 15 years.  Located in Crownpoint, Indiana this is the place he calls home.  I re-connected with Dell at Fuel Cleveland this past year.  I could not help admiring his layout of customs rides, all very different from each other like fingerprints.  As we began to chat, we both had realized that over the years we had met each other in Daytona during Bike Weeks and at the IMS shows in my hometown of NYC.

It was so cool to talk about where we have both been and what was going on in our current lives.  As we talked my eye was drawn to the bike you see before you. With that said of course it had to find a home behind my lens.  As I rolled around the dusty floor negotiating light with angles, I was overwhelmed by the craftmanship that was put into this bike.

The ’02 Flat Style Sporty Bobber as it’s called, is part of the Dangerousdezigns Custom Sportster Series.  With its 23-inch front wheel and 18-inch rear, it sports a custom-made ridged frame and a one-of-a-kind killer exhaust!  The flat finish on the paint adds to its unique look. 

We are going to just leave this one here for you to admire.

 As with all our features we will leave a list of the cast of characters that helped make this build possible.

Cast of Characters



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