Tiny Build, Enormous Character

The Story behind Emmi Cupp’s Triumph Tiger Cub. Story & Images: Harleigh Cupp They say good genes are underrated.  The story you are about to read will prove that theory wrong. As we live and talk about this culture that we stake our claim in, lets never forget that it’s all about passing the torch.  […]

The Fastest Shovel!

Story: Frank Caruti Images: Mark V The joy of the unpredictable… that thing called life. This is what makes this site special. A feature that’s more just about the bike. Enjoy at the expense of Frank his series of unfortunate events that in the end leaves him with the best of endings. Enjoy his tale […]

A Very Dangerous Sporty

Story: Mark V & Dell L Battle Images: Mark V For those who may not know, the Harley-Davidson Sportster has been produced continuously since 1957.  I feel it has always been their anchor ride.  Easy to chop and make your own no matter your tax bracket or skill set.  This bike has been the workhorse […]

Troy Fab Greasy Dozen Build

Story: Steve Sheldon Images: Patrick J Noonan Photography  Lady Luck… Go Figure In 2018 when the Greasy Dozen had announced they were looking for 12 builders to complete half-finished motorcycle projects, I didn’t really even consider it. Running my shop has kept me so busy that I figured I would never have time to build […]

MotoStuka.. Leather & Motorcycles… Perfect Together

Story: Robert Howe Images: MotoStuka Nation There are very few constants in life. Relationships die, jobs get lost, pets run away, etc.… But, if you’re lucky, you have something that you are so passionate about, that you can always count on it to ground you when the whole world seems to be a swirling shit […]

The Wild Life – A Golden Time in Brooklyn

Story: Michael McCabe  Images: Michael McCabe &  Bobby Gary  Before the shift to trendy upscale, motorcycles were a part of the wild DIY (Do it yourself) lifestyle mix on N.14 Street and Wythe in Williamsburg, Brooklyn Brit bikes, Harley, German, Japanese: A bar-hopping, two wheeled blast around town, day to day similar to the Ton-Up […]

Steve Iacona 2.0

Good Guys Don’t Always Come In Last Story & Images: Mark V Today there is something to be said about good work ethics, dedication, vision, and an honest smile.  All these things you get and then some if you are lucky enough to know Steve Iacona of Iacona Customs.  Born and raised in Brooklyn, it […]

Who’s That Girl – Anamarie

Girl Power or should I say Lady Power is in the DNA of this young lady Strong willed and taking over Long Island and beyond is her game.  She is an entrepreneur building a business as a licensed cosmetologist and now expanding into the world of permanent makeup!  With all this on her plate she […]