Tales From The Sidecar!

Story & Images: Mark V

In today’s world as we try to move forward in a post pandemic era getting on your bike and riding is a great escape to just leaving the world behind, even if it is just for a little while.  But like many, what do you do if you have children?

Many of us are finding it very hard outside our immediate family to find good and safe childcare, even if for a few hours. What happen to the good old babysitter!

the mission

With the riding season always seeming to be never long enough, this story which I hope spans across the rest of the summer and maybe longer is our solution to this problem, well at least for me and my girlfriend.

Over the winter we were lucky enough to get a hold of through one of my best friends a very clean 2012 Side-car Ural motorcycle.  The bike belonged to my friend John and was very well maintained.  With his boys in college, he no longer had use for the sidecar bike and his Ducati was all he now needed.  The goal for us, if we couldn’t get a sitter, she was hitting the road with us!

let the adventure begin!!

With that I say… welcome to, “Tales From The Sidecar”.  Through the eyes of a just turned teenager, this young lady will share her first-time adventures as she takes to the sidecar with her mom at the wheel!  The plan here is to strap her in the sidecar and let her tell her own story.  Be it good, bad, or indifferent the adventures will be told from her point of view and the images seen will those through her eyes.  My only role here will be to edit.

Let it be known, she has never been on a motorcycle, let alone on the road in a sidecar so this should be interesting! Short hauling is the plan as we rediscover our place called home Long Island, New York.

So let the games begin as they say! Wish us luck as we travel to places know with the unknown!  I’m sure if we play our cards right this can be a win-win for all, and how cool will it be to get the perspective of what we may take for granted from a different point of view and a set of new eyes.

Stay tuned as this story will next jump into Blog Central.  What will you read next? I have no clue! 


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