Speedy’s Purple Chill

Story & Images: Mark V

Living in the Bronx, NY since 1983 but native to the beautiful country know as Jamaica, Levon Wigggin’s love for everything on two and four wheels have been a long and never-ending love affair.  I met Levon, better known as Speedy when the bike you see before you was orange and sporting a 23” front wheel.  At the time it was the biggest. 


Since then, the bike has transformed to yet again keep pace, it not set the pace for what you see today rolling the roads.  Of course, I had to ask Speedy why?  His reply, “why not”. 

The transformation was done 3 years ago and if I didn’t tell, you would think it was done yesterday.  Perfect, flawless, and not a scratch or even a piece of lint on her this purple haze is truly a showstopper. 

All the work was done over a winter up in the Bronx when ridding is truly not an option.  All the work was done by Speedy.  The bike was stripped down to the frame leaving only the engine and wheels.  Speaking of wheels, the 23” was replaced by a 26”.  But when it was all said and done a 32” would rule this bike!  Maybe the hardest process of this big wheel rebirth was that Speedy had to cut the neck and make modifications to the fork to fit the 32” wheel, but hey these kinda things keeps a guy busy and out of trouble during the long New York winters. 

When asked how such a big wheel bikes rides and handles, I was told smooth as butter.  Making wider turns, not leaning the bike as much as you may once be used to are adjustments that are made easy.

A killer stereo just adds to make this the total package.  But what really brings this ride together is the paint!  A huge shoutout has to go to the husband-and-wife team at Deluxe Kustoms Paint.  Based in sunny Florida all I can say is they killed it! If you’re looking for flawless work, I suggest you hit the link and have a peek at their work. I see a lot of good paint but was blown away by what they do!

Though he can ride with any of the so called “Big Bangers” Speedy loves nothing more these days than a good cruise. Calling 70mph his sweet spot, enjoying the ride is more pleasurable then blasting to the destination.  Why be the blur or view the blur? He enjoys the ride. Even with the sound system this bagger packs, when riding it’s low if not off because it truly is about the ride.  The party is the ride and ride will always get him to the party. Oh, and don’t let 70mph fool ya, try keeping up when he does decide it hit, you will be fooled.

For most riding is an escape, a place to clear the mind and enjoy the view.  It’s all about “your moment”.  Speedy like most these days understands what the ride means and how to enjoy it on his terms.  So when you see that crowd and the music loud it just might be that purple haze taking a moment to enjoy the party while standing still.

keeping tabs on Speedy!


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