WHO’S THAT GIRL – Xenomorph Girl

Xenomorph girl


This dark and sexy vixen is far from what you expect from her name!  The word “xenos”, is taken from the Greek, meaning “stranger” or “foreigner”, this young lady however is far from these things and is always willing to share her world with whoever dares to cross the line. 

A lover of everything sci-fi and horror, she may not be your typical shop girl, but I am sure you would love her behind your counter, as drawing attention is just one of her many assets. 

Under all of what may appear to dark in nature lies a kind soul and a great smile.  Being true to herself she embraces life on her own terms, and if you ever cross her path, I am sure you will look twice, but only you will know why…

Get caught in her spell and enjoy the tease put before you.  

Thank you Chaos Cycle for letting us invade their shop for the day!  The shop is on the fence on if they should make a run on these new baseball style shirts.  So hit them up and let them know or jut give them a follow!


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