Papeel- The DNA Of An Artist

Story: Mark V

Brazilian artist, Pamela Reis has been creating art since she was a child.  She embraces art in her everyday existence, be it with the brush, or the core elements, which are the roots of her life.    The level of expressionism of her style of art is the purest form and in a naturalistic way, an organic musing.

Her desire, that her art makes all people feel good & instils positive emotions and harmony, along with curiosity and the ability to free the mind as well as the spirit, even if it is just for a moment.

What instills such a person to dig so deep to share a piece of themselves with the world?  I believe that such non-selfishness can only come from the true essence of knowing oneself and just being ok with it.  Guard down, bush up!


So, what makes this young lady tick? Her mantra is really the basic aspects to a complete and balanced life. 


The meaning of art, her style, motivation, inspiration, and the process to succeed and still please herself as well as others is her DNA and what goes into every stroke of her brush and work.  To explain it all is not why we are here. To be inspired is why you should read on..

The Formula

Pamela’s inspiration begins with the endless memories of her grandmother.  After loosing her at the young age of fifteen, the love and values that were left behind were those only a kindred soul of a grandmother could gift to someone.  She was and still is Pamela’s pillar of strength and guidance.  Her love for her flows through each stroke of her brush.

Besides this world of art there is a love of all animals, with a partialness’ to birds.  If she, had it her way her home would rival the local zoo.   Along with her love for animals comes the passion of sports and music.  A flute player at the age of seven, Pamela can also play guitar and has an obsession for the drums.  After being in a few bands the desire of playing never leaves her soul.  And I hear she is a great point guard, as playing basketball and soccer are yet other passions.  Such is a life of balance.

Now let us get to art of things. 

The Brand – Papeel

In her own words here is the 411:

Papeel is a brand founded by Pamela.  Papeel is an Art Company Brand, who ardently believes that ‘Art’ is an enchanting and powerful medium. Papeel is aiming to bring art in various forms, connecting patrons and lovers of art. The goal is simple – bring art back into people’s everyday lives.

Artwork is represented in various forms, all created by Pamela.   These variations include- canvas paintings, canvas artwork prints, artworks on motorcycle helmets and tanks, artworks for print on clothing and artworks done using pyrography/ wood art. As an art company, Papeel believes that ‘Art can make this world a better place, both emotionally and spiritually.’

As the saying goes: ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’. This is true, but paintings are more than just pictures in a frame, they are a kaleidoscope of stories generating numerous discussions and perspectives. The artwork done by Papeel are artworks that aspire to spark discussions through mindfulness, thoughtfulness, harmony, and spiritual awareness.  To Pamela, the world is her canvas.

Canvas Painting is something Pamela truly adores.  To Pamela, “my canvas’ are like my companions with whom I can grow; they reveal the harmony with my surroundings and the deep connection with my inner self. I feel I am illustrating relationships between colors, lines and surfaces.”

Along with her canvas work, Pamela loves to put art on fabrics such as –shirts and is into pyrography which allows her to use wood.

Our World - Tanks & Helmets

Maybe saving the best for last, at least for me is the gift of helmet and tank art Pamela gives to the bike community. 

Being motorcycle rider herself, Pamela enjoys a good ride.  It always resets her, along with giving her great joy.  The freedom to her is priceless.

She began painting helmets in 2018 followed by tanks a year later in 2019.

Her technic is freehand painting. One-of-a-kind artwork on helmets and tanks in a style I have only seen done by her brush.  All her work is done with extreme precision and unrivalled attention to detail. Be it black-n-white, black-n-white with silver or gold papers or fully colored.  She enjoys the entire process.  From the dis-assembly to the final wipe down, each is a journey of its own, and in the end, it is a true work of art that is tailored to its owner. The intention of each design, be it helmet, or tank is to make the finished piece an extension of the owner’s personality and style.  Something that is truly unique like them.

Take the time to enjoy the art before an you will see how all that has been said ties everything together.  This gift is not an accident, it is a blessing we are lucky enough to have shared.

What’s Down The Road

Every day Pamela challenges herself. She continues to evolve, not only within herself but with new art forms.  Experimenting is an everyday adventure. 

Traveling the world is next on the short list. Showcasing her many collection everywhere and anywhere.  Her plans are to invade all industries with her craft, art galleries, automotive, fashion, footwear, hospitality, interior décor, corporate and beyond.

The vision is to see her art in many places, with no geographical or segment restrictions.  To Pamela every space or place is a free canvas, where she can express herself through her art. 

In the end I only see great this for this young lady.  She is truly focused and carries a bag full of good karma! 

As you can see, there is a world outside of what we do on our two or four wheels, but in the end just like the wheel everything comes full circle. 

Enjoy the words and images before you and follow this marvel and watch her continue to grow and take the world by storm.

Be sure to follow follow Pamela !



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