Green Devil’s Copper Chopper

Story: Green Devil Images: Mark V Built-in 2015 by Pat Tozzi, out of Green Devil Garage in Virginia Beach, Va. Green Devil Garage is a veteran-owned and operated custom vehicle shop specializing in custom motorcycles vintage hot rods. The owner Pat is an active-duty member of the US Navy with over 17 years of active-duty […]


Story: Tonian DelleCave Images: Mark V Typical and simple it began, a 2015 Harley Davidson road glide. The basic model is the original bare bones feature of this beautiful custom high quality performance machine. Today it stands and rides like nothing else on the road. Setting itself apart in character, style, shape, size, and presence. […]

WHY.. One Mans Story On A Thing Called Life

Story: A.J. Herold My why.. Late May 2020, I just returned back to Redhook from San Francisco, sitting in my Cadillac staring at the broken old pier – I looked as the sun set over New Jersey ruminating in solitude as I thought of going back to the great Golden State.  One last ride, around […]


March 30th, 2018, I remember it like it was yesterday.  At the time it felt like the end of an era. One of the true last mavericks of the New York City bike scene Paul Cox was clearing out the last of his legacy and heading north to Port Jervis, New York to begin another chapter in his life.  Me, I was standing in a shell of a building knowing it would soon be gone and replaced by overpriced living for the instant gratification generation. His last build in Brooklyn stood before me to shoot, I felt very lost. 

WHO’S THAT GIRL – Xenomorph Girl

Xenomorph girl This dark and sexy vixen is far from what you expect from her name!  The word “xenos”, is taken from the Greek, meaning “stranger” or “foreigner”, this young lady however is far from these things and is always willing to share her world with whoever dares to cross the line.  A lover of […]

Papeel- The DNA Of An Artist

Pamela Reis -

Story: Mark V Brazilian artist, Pamela Reis has been creating art since she was a child.  She embraces art in her everyday existence, be it with the brush, or the core elements, which are the roots of her life.    The level of expressionism of her style of art is the purest form and in a […]

John’s Roadster

Ford Roadster

Story: Johny Images: Mark V I found this car around the July 4th weekend of 2013. It was an ad on craigslist and the car was in Teaneck, NJ, so I took a ride over the bridge to check it out. I had just sold my ’68 Biscayne that I had worked on for several […]

Flipping off the Past – The New Motorcycle Life in Beijing, China

Dong Dong has been tattooing in Beijing since the late 1990s. His Mummy Tattoo studio is located in the Sanlitun District of central Beijing where many international embassies are located and his clients are from Beijing and around the world. He has one of the best reputations in the city and is respected for his exceptional tattoo work that focuses on images of Chinese and Asian cultural themes.